Saturday, April 22, 2006

Message-Centric vs. Service-Centric

Stumbled across this on Dave Orchard's blog. It talks about leaky abstractions in SOAP. Also discusses how SOAP hides the underlying protocol. This is the main reason that REST or POX/HTTP appeals to me more then SOAP - they say you have to embrace the network and not hide it. SOAP just brings too much unnecessary complexity to the table for my taste. It truly is the doorknob to hell.

When I was working on "Aspira" - the EDA (Event Driven Architecture) bus that never was, we dealt with this by intentionally forbidding any:any transport. You couldn't for instance have an HTTP endpoint talk directly to a Socket endpoint. Every transport was designed to have an adapter. That adapter would deal with the transport in its native form and get the event to the persistent / trusted / consistent messaging layer as fast as possible. In short, it was "Message-Centric" rather then "Service-Centric". Decent write-up on the differences by CapeClear advocating the opposite of what I think.

The nice thing about the "Message-Centric" approach is most of your services end up being vanilla - they use one of the standard service types, which, deal directly with the messaging layer for its inputs and outputs. They get the benefits of persistent messaging, clustering, consistent security, fail over, durable subscriptions, standard error handling (e.g., rollback and pause, route to error queue). Yes, they do hide the network, but that is ok, because network problems have been accounted for. And the services don't care about the payload - so long as it is XML. The result is your service impls are stupid simple. They just do their little bit.

Dave Orchard's post prescribes some proposals for fixing the problems he sees. Sounded good enough for me. I just think the REST or POX/HTTP approach is the better way to go. WSDL/SOAP intended to ease pain, but sadly, I think they make things more complicated then they need to be. I think it is far simpler to just embrace various protocols directly and stay in control. Yeah, at the outset, it might feel a bit more complicated, but in the long run, you save yourself pints of blood.

Anyone care to talk me out of the "Message-Centric" approach?

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Sarge said...

Nope. Message-centric is better.