Sunday, April 23, 2006

EDA Lessons Learned

I put together a presentation at work on some lessons my team learned on EDA/ESB related topics a few months ago. I have made a couple friends recently via my blog. They have expressed an interest in this information. While I can't ship off the original presentation because:
  1. it would bore them to tears
  2. it contains proprietary information
the guts of it can be shared as they are standard architecture issues that anyone dealing with EDA/ESB will likely encounter. I'm curios what other people have experienced. Hopefully I'll learn something from sharing :) This list is by no means exhaustive, I might add to it as I think of other topics.

So I'll be blogging on these topics the next few weeks. I'll update this post with links as I complete the topics (no particular order).

Here are some of the topics I'll cover:

  1. Persistence
  2. Service Contracts & Event Stream Design
  3. Choose Topics over Queues
  4. Canonical Message Format
  5. Scaffolding
  6. Transactions
  7. Performance
  8. Build/SCM
  9. XML Aware Analysts
  10. Batch vs EDA
  11. Content Based Routing
  12. EDA and Object Oriented Design
  13. Shared Code
  14. Logging
  15. Config Files
  16. Error Queue Administration
  17. Event History
  18. Aggregation


brenda michelson said...

Mike- Thanks for letting me know you were working on this series of posts. Looks good. I'll definitely keep reading. -brenda

controlledAgility said...

Excellent series. I look forward to future episodes

Chris Winters said...

I agree, this is great stuff. Thanks for posting, and keep up the excellent work!