Friday, April 28, 2006

The Big Boys

Saw IBM's big bet on SOA via Simon Tilkov.

To quote the article:

Clearly SOA is key, if not the core, to IBM's software strategy. We will of course have to wait and see if this "shock and awe" approach to dominating a market will work - not to mention solve the customer problems. I do wonder how 31 separate products (so far!) can really deliver the simplicity and agility that is meant to be at the heart of SOA. More importantly, SOA is about providing a solution, not selling an even more complex collection of products.

I don't really have anything to add to that. I tried to, but I just keep staring at my screen muttering things.

1 comment: said...

Just wait till EDA comes in picture. That's a much easier and much more powerful design-strategy. Full blown SOA will appear to be to complex to govern. Tooling will not be the problem, but the necessary IT-governance in non-IT organisations will be the big problem for the years to come. Think of ownership, responsibilities in change-processes and cross department processes, the need of fully defined business processes (which makes an organisation less agile)...