Saturday, March 24, 2007

Oracle buys Tangosol

Wow - that was fast.

This was discussed a while back on this TheServerSide thread.

I sure hope Oracle invests in the product and doesn't slow bleed it or margainalize it. Of course that never happens.

I stand by my comment from February (link above) on why commercial proprietary software is at the bottom of my preference list.

. . . Back to GigaSpaces and Tangosol. They both have compelling technology, but both are small vendors. Where will this technology go? Will someone buy it to kill it? Will they buy it to grow it? Will they remain independent? Who knows. If it were open, well it doesn't quite matter. I can happily pay them now and perhaps someone else later - or no one if I can support it myself.

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cameron said...

Very few of our customers had concern for the viability of Tangosol before, since we had been profitable and growing for over 20 contiguous quarters!

Thus, we had the _option_ to merge with Oracle. In fact, we had several higher offers than Oracle's, and we passed on those offers because we believed that they were not in the best interests of all of our employees, customers and partners. So we did make this a conscious and careful decision, and in the long term I believe our customers will benefit from our care.

In the meantime, we're continuing to grow at a rapid rate, and sales are going beyond even our optimistic forecasts (we blew out our Q1 numbers!)

We were profitable and growing before, so with 5,000 new salespeople, I'm expecting life to get very interesting.