Monday, March 19, 2007

New Cyclocross Bike

I finally have pulled the trigger on a new cyclocross bike.

I went to River City a few times this past week. On Saturday, I brought my friend/co-worker Ed came with me to help pick it out.

I ended up getting a Gunnar Cross Hairs.

My brother-in-law works for SRAM so I wisely got their bits on there. The River City dude said that the SRAM bits have been getting good reviews so I'm excited.

I also got some tricked Chris King hubs / wheels.

I'm pretty excited to pick it up this week - they are building it now.

1 comment:

Sarge said...

Dude, the handle bars on my old Huffy probably weigh more than that entire bike. But I know who's going to have the advantage in the figure-eight demolition derby...

So when are you going to start competing in cylcocross? I need to know when to come out and yell "Nice helmet, p----!".