Wednesday, February 21, 2007

New The Shins

I have been listening to the new The Shins, "Wincing The Night Away" all day. My bro-in-law Kevin gave it to me.

It just hit me that this album is as good as their previous albums.

Not an easy feat (spoken from someone who took harmonica lessons from a Franciscan nun - so I know a lot about this). ;)

I love that moment when it hits you that you really like something.

Sometimes it feels like it is random the things we remember our parents saying. I distinctly remember my mother saying to me, "You have to celebrate and embrace joy wherever you see it." Her point of course was that there is so much in the world that is hard, sad etc. and you should cherish the joyous parts. I only remember her saying that once, but I have thought of it thousands of times since then.


Sarge said...

Not my bag, baby. (shudder)

Michael said...

Your mother is a very wise woman. I've traveled quite a bit and it always strikes me how people in much poorer parts of the world really have an ability to enjoy themselves and have fun that many in the most powerful and prosperous nation on earth lack.

Kevin B said...

If you like the new Shins album check out Arcade Fire as well. Start with their debut album self titled.

From Fuzzy's bro in law