Sunday, February 25, 2007

Flex Links

A couple pro Flex links I liked below. I don't have much to say lately. Too much panic I suppose. You can find anti Flex links on your own. I wasn't convinced by them. For me to go with a commercial proprietary product I have to really like the vendor and the product has to be trending towards openness. I am not an Open Source zealot. Anyhoo, time will tell. I do think that it is exciting that user interfaces are poised for a new round of innovation. I likes the innovation.

Flex vs. Ajax Revisited

10 Reasons We Love Flex 2

How truly open is Flash? Do we need "Open Flash"?


Anonymous said...

Did you look at It's been around for awhile, longer than Flex I think and totally Open Source.

Sarge said...

Five bills for Flex Builder?!? That's a lot of beer.

John said...

I have looked at OpenLaszlo, and now I'm looking at Flex 2 because I need Comet-style messaging to the client. This is not supported in OL 4, but the FDS Express gives me that for free.

Bruce Eckel pointed out that OL 4 targeting both Flash and DHTML means a "lowest common denominator" approach, while Flex can leverage all the goodness of Flash 9.


John :^P