Saturday, August 05, 2006

Stumptown within 100 yards

There is new coffee house within 100 yards of my humble abode that serves Stumptown Coffee

I am an espresso addict and Stumptown is pretty much unbeatable in terms of "for shits-sake that is good" coffee.

This tricked-out coffee house named "Sip & Kranz" just opened. They:

  1. Have Stumptown Coffee
  2. Were professionally trained by Stumptown barristas
  3. Have a kids room for my darling daughter to play in while I take espresso baths
  4. Have Icelandic decor
I had my first cappuccino there this morning and it was as good as at a real Stumptown.

Needless to say, I'll be making many many stops there on my walk to work going forward.

Oh look, a better review then mine.

What does this have to do with EDA or Open Source you ask? What do you think gives me the fuel to yammer on about that stuff. Espresso is extremely important.


Anonymous said...

hey, does S&K have wireless internet?

thanks, and sorry for being "anonymous"

fuzzy said...

Yes they do.

Justin Kagan said...

hey dude, there's more to espresso in PDX than Stumptown, this from a roaster, and a fan of Stumptown as well, but burned out on 'em. There's WAY more out there than Hairbender, not matter who's pulling.
Pop over to my partner (in crime)Andreas's coffee cart, Spella Cafe, on the corner of Alder and 9th, where all the food kiosks are...his espresso is ace. Mine too, but you have to go to Sweet Masterpiece (922 NW Davis) in the Pearl for it. Good luck, and ditch those gnarly pods...