Thursday, August 24, 2006


Last week I caught this redside Trout on the Deschutes

It was pretty wild - we fished this back eddy and didn't see much. As we hiked out we were on a ledge and had a great view above the river. Below we could see 2 large trout. I hiked back down with our guide, Jakob Lund and my dad and our guide to the Warm Springs reservation (Toot) stayed above.

My dad and Toot told us where the fish was and I casted to it. The fish started moving up river and we thought he was gone. But then he circled back and swam towards me. With my dad and Toot's frantic directions from above I saw the fish. I casted to it again and he slurped up my dry fly. He put up a good fight and we released him after this pic.

Lots of fun.

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