Thursday, March 27, 2008


I'm taking a break from the lead up to a release. I'm a little cooked and useless at the moment.

Pete and I worked on our deployment script last night. In the early days of our project, we thought we'd use Capistrano. Make no mistake, it is a great tool (I took it for a spin).

But when you are using JRuby, its a bit overkill.

I'm fairly new to the Ruby world, but I know the other deployment options for Ruby. They aren't awful, but they take a bit of work & have some moving parts to them.

A lot more work than handing over a .war file with a configured # of run-times to run within the JVM, a database script, and a runbook anyway. That in and of itself is compelling.

Oh yeah, you have to also run:

$apache-tomcat-6.0.14$ bin/ 

(that's the runbook)

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