Friday, February 15, 2008

Lean Software Development Joy

As I mentioned recently, I'm freak busy at work. In a few months, things will calm down I'm sure and maybe things may pick back up here. On the other hand, things may get even busier.

In the meantime I have to say that I'm having a great time. Long hours to be sure, but the work is very rewarding.

For me, the most joyous part (other than working with exciting all FOSS technology, and being a member of a budding high performing team) is working with a business partner that truly seems to understand and embrace Lean Software Development. The proof will be in the eventual pudding, but its amazing what can be accomplished with a willing business partner that understands the fundamentals of software.

Or perhaps they just trust us, because we generally know what we are talking about. ;)

Or maybe we really are onto something and our business model is a better way to develop software.

Or maybe its all three :)


Mark Griffin said...

"Freak busy" is a term I haven't heard before but I like it. I shall now forever use it if you don't mind. :)

fuzzy said...

Of course Mark. Glad to see you are firing the blog back up! :)

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