Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Fun in the JRuby Wiki: Warbler, Goldspike, & CI

I'm having fun making minuscule contributions to the JRuby community. As I learn, I'm documenting stuff in the JRuby wiki. I'm really impressed with the people doing the real work on JRuby. Freak smart.

I keep running into Nick Sieger in my wiki work. He wrote a couple of very helpful things:

Warbler (replacing Goldspike Rake soon) & ci_reporter mentioned on the JRuby and Continuous Integration page I started in the JRuby wiki today).

My other favorite JRuby guy is Robert Egglestone. He fixed the Rails 2 Goldspike Servlet bug I found Sunday. He has recently updated the Goldspike Roadmap. A release of the Goldspike component is coming this month to follow up on the JRuby 1.1RC1 release the other day.

The discussion on CI caught Mike McKinney's eye. He put together a great how to on JRuby and Hudson.

I love open source and the internet machine.

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